Patient Stories & Testimonials

Stories From Patients Like You

We are proud to serve the Glenwood Springs and Roaring Fork community and help athletes, parents, tourists, and seniors get back to living their best life. Each of the featured stories and testimonials below come from a real Valley View Orthopedic patient that has recovered and returned to their normal life. Ready to become a patient and get back to your best? Contact us.

Josh Peters, PA has been an invaluable resource from pre-operative preparation through the recovery process in my hip replacement journey. His combination of knowledge, professionalism and genuine caring make him the perfect healing partner for an intimidating surgical process.

I was at normal range of motion within a week of surgery. I took no opioids and I cried with gratitude at my first post-op visit.

I was very impressed with what a knowledgeable, kind and professional person Dr. Christopher George was. The hospital itself was also immaculately clean, friendly and well run. I highly recommend Valley View Hospital.