Athletic Trainer (ATC)

What is an Athletic Trainer and what is their role at ValleyOrtho?

When the title “Athletic Trainer” is mentioned, people often think of the individual on the sideline at sporting events, ready to respond to an injured athlete at any moment.  Traditionally, this was the role of an Athletic Trainer; to provide injury prevention and treatment to athletes on and off the field.  Although this continues to be an important role of Athletic Trainers, this role has expanded to include more diverse involvement in the healthcare setting. 

Athletic Trainers are highly trained, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide patient care.  This includes preventative services, clinical diagnosis, emergent injury treatment, therapeutic interventions, and rehabilitation. 

At ValleyOrtho, our exceptional Athletic Trainers perform a wide range of services, from direct patient care and physician support in the clinic, to athlete support on the field.  You may have an Athletic Trainer take your history and help decide on any testing that may be helpful in your visit, such as an x-ray exam.  You may have a cast, splint or brace placed by an Athletic Trainer.  You may have stitches taken out or wounds cared for by an Athletic Trainer.  You may even see them on the field at a sporting event to attend to injuries during a game. 

Wherever you interact with our certified Athletic Trainers, you can trust that you will receive exceptional care by highly trained professionals with diverse experience and training.

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Steve Hughes, ATC