Joint Replacement

Overview of Joint Replacement

With so many activities available in the Roaring Fork Valley, don’t let joint pain get in the way of your ability to enjoy them.  If you are suffering from joint pain, the joint specialists at ValleyOrtho can evaluate your symptoms and condition and help determine what treatment is right for you. This may include non-surgical treatments such as;  physical therapy, injections, medications, and lifestyle adjustments.  These treatments can help the symptoms of joint pain caused by arthritis, however, there currently is no non-surgical cure for underlying arthritis. If it comes to the point where your joint pain prevents you from doing the things you love and non-surgical treatments are no longer working or not an option, it may be time to consider a total joint replacement surgery.

Total joint replacement surgery, also called arthroplasty, removes the damaged portion of your joint and replaces it with artificial implants. ValleyOrtho has been performing joint replacement procedures for decades, and have decreased pain and restored joint function for thousands of patients. Our board-certified joint replacement specialists are trained to evaluate, diagnosis and perform joint replacement procedures using the latest techniques to ensure optimal outcomes for joint replacement patients. After your joint replacement surgery, your doctor will work with you to create a personalized rehabilitation program to make sure you get back to your daily life quickly and safely.

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Joint Replacement Options

  • This type of hip replacement surgery uses a muscle sparing surgical approach to the hip joint and, at ValleyOrtho the Mako robotic arm assist technology to replace the hip joint, thereby reducing post-surgical pain, hospital stay, and rehabilitation time.

  • Depending on your joint health and physical goals, your doctor may recommend either a partial or full knee replacement to improve your mobility and reduce knee pain. Commonly using the Mako robotic arm assist technology for customizable and precise placement of the artificial joint.

  • A reverse total shoulder replacement reverses the anatomy of the shoulder joint to reduce pain and rotator cuff dependence for shoulder stability. At Glenwood Orthopedic, we use Exactech assistance technology for precision and accuracy.

  • Reduce shoulder pain and restore mobility to your shoulder joint with a traditional shoulder joint replacement. At Glenwood Orthopedic, we use Exactech GPS assistance technology for precision and accuracy.