Physical Therapy

Physical Rehabilitation in Glenwood Springs

At Glenwood Orthopedic, we believe that rehabilitation is vital to returning to an active life quickly and safely. That’s why every patient who walks through our door receives a personalized rehabilitation plan. Whether you’ve had a sports injury, work-related accident, general pain, or surgery, our team of trainers and therapists will work with you to restore your physical function. During your initial consultation, our licensed therapists will review your medical history and evaluate your posture, mobility, strength, flexibility, and level of dysfunction. This initial assessment, combined with your personal goals, will serve as the baseline for developing an appropriate and highly individualized treatment plan. All Glenwood Orthopedic Center’s physical therapists are trained with an emphasis on positioning, transfer training, and use of adaptive equipment. Your physical rehabilitation treatments may include joint mobilization, soft tissue stretching, exercise, ultrasound, ice or heat, and education. A home exercise program will be designed specifically for you and your condition, as well. While your progress is usually measured in physical achievements, we are always conscious of the psychological, social, and environmental factors that impact your life.

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The Benefits of Physical Therapy at Glenwood Orthopedic Center

Avoid Surgery: For many people with injuries and disorders, you can avoid surgery altogether with targeted physical therapy. Recover Fast: Post-surgical rehabilitation can speed up the recovery process by strengthening your muscles, improving coordination, and increasing blood flow. Reduce Pain: Pain can come from muscle imbalances or inflammation. In many cases, physical therapy can reduce or eliminate pain altogether. Improve Strength: Developing your muscles keeps your body strong and resilient. Being able to compete in sports or complete daily tasks can greatly improve your life. Improve Range of MotionTight muscles and inflamed joints can negatively affect your range of motion. Stretching and other treatments can combat this, increasing your movement and physical ability. Reduce Medication: You may be able to reduce or eliminate the need for medications like painkillers with a personalized rehabilitation plan.