Stretching & the Young Athlete

Top reasons why stretching is necessary for student athletes

The areas in the bones where growth occurs are called growth plates. Some muscles attach near growth plates, making stretching even more important.  If you do not stretch, the muscles can pull on those growth plates causing significant pain for your growing athlete.

During adolescence, bones grow faster than muscles. Sustained stretching can help those muscles ‘catch up.’

Stretching can help with flexibility and stress relief which can benefit athletic performance.

Top stretching tips:

  1. Relax into the stretch; do not fight it.
  2. Stretch to the point where you feel a stretch but not to the point of pain
  3. Make sure to use proper form and hold each stretch between 30 seconds and one minute.
  4. Stretch both sides as well as the opposite muscle. For example, stretch the quadriceps as well as hamstrings

Student athletes in high school can speak with the Valley View athletic trainer about specific stretches:

  • Marni Barton, Valley View athletic trainer at Glenwood Springs High School
  • Ryan Erickson, Valley View athletic trainer at Roaring Fork High School
  • Kristin Whitley, Valley View athletic trainer at Basalt High School

The Athletic Trainers and Orthopedic Providers at ValleyOrtho can also be great resources.

Information provided by Rehabilitation Services at Valley View