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ValleyOrtho University is a monthly education series presented by the world class surgeons at ValleyOrtho. Our goal is to provide valuable educational opportunities to help our neighbors and community continue to enjoy healthy and active lifestyles. 

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Injuries to the ligaments around the knee are common, especially in athletes and those who enjoy being active. These injuries can be debilitating and affect our ability to enjoy our active lifestyles, but with the right diagnosis and treatment, you don’t have to be off your feet for long. In this webinar, Dr. Pevny discusses the most common ligament injuries of the knee, tips to avoid injury, and treatment options to get you back to the activities you love
From a little foot fatigue after a long day at work, to more serious problems that shouldn’t be ignored, most people experience foot pain at some point. In this webinar, Dr. Armstrong discusses underlying structural breakdown that can lead to common foot ailments.
With the return of snow and ice come the slips and falls that put us at risk for wrist and hand fractures. In this webinar, Dr. Potter reviews common hand and wrist injuries and give tips to prevent them so you can continue to enjoy all the winter activities you love.
Valley View Physical Therapists and ValleyOrtho Athletic Trainers review tips for preventing shoulder pain, strengthening your shoulders, and preparing for this season’s activities. With special guest: Dr. Tito Liotta.
From stem cell to PRP and everything in between, there are lots of options for injections to help your joint pain. In this webinar, Dr. Pevny reviews the use, efficacy, side effects, and limits of injection options for your joints, including steroids, PRP, stem cell, and hyaluronic acid injections.
Shoulder pain can impact just about every aspect of your life, from work to hobbies, to your activities of daily living. In this webinar, Dr. Liotta discusses how to better understand your shoulder pain and options for managing and treating your pain successfully.
Thumb pain is hard to ignore! Tasks as simple as opening a jar, pulling up socks, and turning the key in the car ignition can be a continual reminder of a painful thumb. In this webinar, Dr. Grillot reviews the common causes of thumb pain and the treatment options available to get you back to a pain-free thumb.
There are many hand and wrist conditions that can make everyday tasks challenging or painful. After all, we use our hands for just about everything we do! In this webinar, Dr. Potter reviews some of the most common hand and wrist problems, how to avoid them, and what treatment options are available.
When cartilage that protects a bone is injured or damaged, it can cause significant pain and stiffness. Cartilage restoration and preservation procedures may be a good option for those who have cartilage damage but are active and looking to prevent or delay joint replacement. In this webinar, Dr. George reviews several procedures to help preserve or restore cartilage and keep you enjoying your active lifestyle longer.
After the snow has melted and the trails have dried, road and mountain biking become a great way to stay active. As you begin to plan your bike routes or long-distance rides for warmer weather, learn how to get the most of your biking season. In this webinar, Dr. Purnell reviews some of the most common biking injuries and how to prevent them.
Whether your knee pain is caused by aging, a known injury, or seemingly appeared out of nowhere, it can be a nuisance and even debilitating in some cases. In this webinar, Dr. Pevny discusses common reasons for knee pain, things you can do to avoid it, and treatment options to get you back to the activities you enjoy.