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We are proud to serve the Glenwood Springs and Roaring Fork community and help athletes, parents, tourists, and seniors get back to living their best life. Each of the featured stories and testimonials below come from a real Valley View Orthopedic patient that has recovered and returned to their normal life. Ready to become a patient and get back to your best? Contact us.

Just completed rehab on Quad tendon rupture involving Dr. Liotta, Amanda Hunter, and Mike McCann. Couldn't ask for better care, knowledge, understanding, & professionalism. I believe this team is the best the Medical Profession has to offer. Thank You for what you do.

Amanda is always professional and completely thorough with her explanation of medical issues! It was a complete please working with her.

Dr. George was kind and informative...I liked that he showed me the before and after videos...the knee is much more stable...and its still hurts a bit but I suppose that keeps me from overdoing it while it heals. I have a vascular disease that makes the blood flow less effective so healing may take longer than the average person. So far I am glad I got it done and am happy with it.

I am very happy with the service at ValleyOrtho, the staff is great and I have been seeing Dr. Grillot and he is truly an amazing doctor and I trust him so much.

Dr. Liotta distinguishes himself for the attention to detail he pays his patients. I came to him for a second opinion, presenting him with a shoulder problem that has awakened me nightly for nearly six months, despite an injection that failed to work.

Before giving me any feedback on my records, he asked me to tell my story, as if I'd never told it to other doctors or PTs. He wanted to know everything, and listened intently. Then he did a physical exam to assess my pain and range of motion thresholds. Finally, he went over in detail with me my x-ray and MRI, explaining what he saw and how it synced with my physical exam. He then gave me a clear outline of my options, helping me choose a path that is comfortable for me.

I was especially grateful that he took the time to explain to my physical therapist what I needed to do to increase the chances that the intermediate step will work as a long term cure, without resorting to surgery. But I'm also glad to know that surgery is a viable last resort should I need it.

I was at normal range of motion within a week of surgery. I took no opioids and I cried with gratitude at my first post-op visit.

I was very impressed with what a knowledgeable, kind and professional person Dr. Christopher George was. The hospital itself was also immaculately clean, friendly and well run. I highly recommend Valley View Hospital.