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Rehabilitation Playbooks

These guidelines are to inform the treating clinician on the evidence based considerations and physician preferences to be used during your patient’s therapy. These have been a collaborative effort between the physician and rehabilitation staff. Our physicians are committed to providing the most up to date post-operative care and in that spirit they want to strongly encourage the therapists treating their patients to be able to shape these guidelines as new evidence emerges.

If you feel you have researched evidence to support a change in the approach, activity or timeframe of a rehabilitation guideline please reach out to Adam Kliebert DPT at or 970-384-7564. He will take your submitted idea, propose those changes to the physician, and collaborate with you on your vision to improve the care provided to all of ValleyOrtho patients. We sincerely appreciate your input and all the work you do for our patients.

Dr. George Rehabilitation Playbooks

Dr. Liotta Rehabilitation Playbooks

Dr. O'Connor Rehabilitation Playbooks

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Total Knee Replacement Playbook

Dr. Pevny Rehabilitation Playbooks

Dr. Potter Rehabilitation Playbooks

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Distal Radius Fracture Playbook