Mariah Lash, MS, ATC

Mariah Lash is a Colorado native from Grand Junction, CO.  She came to Glenwood Orthopedic Center with an undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Colorado and graduate degree in Athletic Training from Northern Michigan University.  After spending some time as an Athletic Trainer in New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the front range of Colorado, Mariah made her way to this valley and Glenwood Orthopedic Center in 2015.  Mariah is dedicated to her work as an Athletic Trainer and plays a crucial role in maintaining a highly functioning office for both patients and staff.  The diverse variety of patients she cares for, providers she supports, and roles she holds, keep her coming to work every day. 

Outside of the office at Glenwood Orthopedic Center, Mariah provides Athletic Training coverage to local high school teams, including the CRMS girls’ soccer team.  Mariah’s interest in health and wellness extends beyond the orthopedic clinic or soccer field.  She is passionate about plant based eating and is a role model for her colleagues and patients in her dedication towards clean nutrition.